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You are everything i need christian song

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Lyrics submitted by oofus. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Find me here, and speak to me I want to feel you, I need to hear you You are the light that's leading me to the place Where I find peace again You are the strength that keeps me walking You are the hope that keeps me trusting You are the life to my soul You are my purpose You're everything And how can I stand here with you And not be moved by you Would you tell me how You are everything i need christian song it be any better than this?

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Add your thoughts Comments. General Comment i think that this song, although a lot less popular than "hanging by a moment," is much better.

There was an error. This song is almost epic compared with "hanging by a moment". Although, both of them are great!

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Personally, I don't think this song has a religious meaning General Comment well i hate to start an insane thread about religion like they do on creed sites, but this song is all about his relationship with God. If you listen again you'll see what i'm talking about and it makes the song even better.

I really don't think that this song is about God. Its about a girl You can't physically stand beside God, what he describes is something much more than a connection between man and God.

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I know Lifehouse are a christian band but this does not mean all their songs are about God. Flag HippyHippyShake on September 28, Much more than a relationship between a man and God? There's nothing more than a relationship between a man and God A man's relationship with a woman or a woman's with a man is nothing compared to their relationship with God.

2. Bringing in the Sheaves

This is an amazing, amazing song. Well, I guess if you're not religious, nor believe in God, like me, then what you just said, Chassant Ame, would make no sense. How is it even possible to have a relationship with God, even if you do believe in him? I'm sorry, but I guess it takes a religious person to know a religious person takes one to know one.

I'm with HippyHippyShake on this one. Flag cobes26 on November 10, What if he worded it so those who are religious can appreciate that, but those who aren't don't get offended.

What my opinion is on the matter doesn't matter, what matters is we can all find the meaning we want in this breathtaking song. Flag BlackRose on December 28, Im sorry to say but everyone who thinks this song is not about god you are stupid. But if you look at the lyrics and take them in its defiantly about God.

I always say I dont have a religion I have a relationship with Jesus Christ and You are everything i need christian song song is just showing how much God means to him and how much he needs him. You are everything i need christian song

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Plain and Simple O and this song is awesome Flagged jj on January 09, I agree with the poster of this comment. This song is definitely about God. Nothing can compare with a person's relationship to God, especially not a relationship between man and woman.

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And I respect those people who's decision to not believe in God but just because you don't believe in him doesn't mean this song can't be about him and a guys relationship. Another thing, if you look this song up on youtube or anything else really you will see dozens of christian reenactments of a drama about the sins pulling you away from Jesus and how you come back to him based on this song. Flag retro on February 15, Good song in whatever context you put it in.

Flag furiouspassion on March 28, I'm not very religious, But I'm not idiot, whether you believe in God or Not, you can't even dare to say this song isn't about Him. Specially considering The band is christian. I love how it can be a romantic song, the most beautiful feeling according to the songbut let's face it, simple boy and girl love doesn't make you feel This great. And they have a bunch of other love love songs, to choose, and they can't compare to Everything, so, even tho I'm not religious, I know what this song is about!!!!!

Stop saying nonsence c If you go to a youtube page with the slightest hint of religion in it there is a war waged. May i direct whoever reads this to the following site because i can't get through it without crying. I love this song and I'm so glad you do too: Flag Dashby on June 13, This song can also be about loving someone.

When you're in love, that person moves you in many ways. Flag Soulviver on October 31, This song is, undeniably, about God. This song is definitely written in a way that it can be interpreted differently if you don't believe in God. I see the romantic aspect, but regardless of your faith or lack ofit's still about God. Flag Bones43x on January 05, This song is about his relationship with God, but our relationships with others are supposed to be based on our relationship with God, so in a way, it is about You are everything i need christian song God and other people he knows Flag Deepermeanings15 on January 26, I think what makes this song so effective is that, although it is very clearly talking primarily about God, and the 'relationship' of faith in Christ, it draws upon elements You are everything i need christian song human relationships, and the emotional significance of feeling close to a person, to illustrate what it means to have intimacy with the Divine through Jesus Christ.

In that sense, the 'God' aspect of the song is sort of 'take it or leave it', since the elements of experience from human relationships will still resonate with people of other faiths or none.

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