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It isn't difficult to get Latvian citizenship. Immigration will be death of Latvia as a national country.

Research shows that 11% of...

Latvia can become the first state in the EU Black man in latvia ethnic nationality becomes minority. If this will happen there will be no way back! Black man in latvia prefer to live in a comparative poor country comparing to some EU countries, USA and not in a semi-russian place where I can't live if I don't know Russian language maybe with an iphone in my pocket.

That's true, I also don't know Russian and it creates to me many problems to get job already now. But I think that here we are talking more about North African immigrants rather And they won't speak Russian either: Oh well, I'll share with my experience.

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It was winter of My foreign friend and I we went to a movie theater by the central station. It was midnight when the movie was over, middle of week, we went outside and in front of the entrance an Afro-American person came up to us and asked for directions to some bar in Black man in latvia town. As I'm not residing in Riga anymore, couldn't really tell directions, so we offered to look for that place together. We found it but it was closed. We went, we grab pints with raw beer called Black man in latvia, my foreign guys loved it btw.

Then it started, as our new friend obviously had a different skin color and all of us we were talking in English, we got too much attention.

The night end up fast because of stinky punks that came up to our table and started Black man in latvia bully us. We bought them beers as they were requesting, wasn't enough.

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Black man in latvia drank mine I'm a girlwasn't enough. They started to pick up the fight. I have no idea. We went outside, changed with contacts and asked our new friend to come out some other time as he was planning to stay in Riga for 6 months. Black man in latvia then, some drunk kids passed by and started to shout out loud: His 6 month business trip end up being 2 weeks.

He was too disappointed and didn't feel safe Latvians we are too racist. I am Latvian, too. We gotta stop using terms like "black people", please, at least. Please tell me this country is not racist If children can get along why can't adults? Unfortunately Latvia really is a racist country.

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I would really like to see it become more open to being a multicultural society. The most multicultural countries are the wealthy countries.