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Police say, after Weglarz drove off with his food, he returned moments later and banged on the front door of the restaurant -- which was locked -- and then proceeded to yell and swear City beach bikini brawler the manager of the restaurant through the drive-thru window. Weglarz reportedly fled the scene before police arrived, but police later arrested him at his home and charged him with breach of peace. Police say a young man, seemingly inspired by the pattie-pilfering character once featured in City beach bikini brawler advertising campaigns, ran between a car and the takeout window at an Augusta, Maine restaurant in March just as an employee tried to hand a bag of food to a driver.

Police later found the suspect in the parking lot of a rival fast food restaurant diving into the McDonald's bag.

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When the suspect saw police, he ran off into the woods and was never caught. The incident was caught on video and shows Hardy, of Montgomery, Ala.

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One of the fast food chain's employees reportedly told authorities Smith was complaining about her order when the fight began. CBS affiliate WAKA reported Hardy was charged with two felony charges of giving a false name to law enforcement and criminal mischief, plus other misdemeanor charges.

Hardy pleaded no-contest and was banned from the fast-food chain. Police arrested year-old Erik Brown after they say he slapped a year-old boy in the face with City beach bikini brawler Taco Bell burrito in Feb.

The boy did not suffer any injuries but did have. The suspect then fled the scene.

It is unclear if the man was ever identified or caught. Police say a fight broke out at a Wendy's in Kalamazoo, Mich. It all started when four customers in a vehicle at the drive-thru claimed their order was incorrect.

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Police said the disgruntled diners hurled food and drinks at an employee inside. According to police, the employee retaliated by hitting the vehicle with a drink, ketchup and fries.

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The fight moved inside and police eventually arrived and charged two of the customers with assault. An Arkansas man allegedly tried to hold up a Pine Bluff Burger King in Maybut was caught by surprise when a worker reportedly grabbed the man's gun and fired at him. The robbery suspect, year-old Jason Robinson, was treated for a thigh wound and taken to jail, police said.

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Hachem Gomez broke into a suburban Chicago restaurant in Sept. Police say when they arrived at Mr. Gomez allegedly told police he broke in because he was hungry.

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Gomez was charged with burglary. Police say a man allegedly walked up to the drive-through window of the restaurant in Augustwearing a ski mask and holding a gun. He demanded the cash drawer, grabbed it and ran away.

But the man was apparently unhappy with his loot and called the restaurant twice after the robbery, complaining that he hadn't gotten enough money. Authorities say a gunman City beach bikini brawler fire in an Englewood, Ill.

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