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DESCRIPTION: Operation Transformation presenter Kathryn Thomas talks to Deirdre Reynolds about sleepless nights, spreadsheets and her new fitness bootcamps. During the week, the Voice of Ireland host keeps her killer figure in check by tucking into things like porridge, sweet potato and protein balls.

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31 Jan Kathryn Thomas says she had to quickly lose her inhibitions on No Frontiers when male colleagues would tuck microphones into. 5 Feb Kathryn Thomas: 'I wasn't body confident - there were no full length bikini shots'. Kathryn Thomas in and (inset) presenting RTE's No Frontiers in 9 Kathryn Thomas in and a bikini for a beach shoot. "Even in the No Frontiers days, you would never see a full-length shot of me on the beach. 21 Nov BEACH babe Kathryn Thomas shows off her impressive bikini body in Greece. The Voice of Ireland presenter looks stunning as she checks out the sights while on holiday with boyfriend Padraig McLaughlin. Loved-up Kathryn and Padraig. Kathryn, 36, took to Twitter to post a number of snaps of her visiting.

The Operation Transformation presenter is a executive and sole shareholder of Pure Results Bootcamp Limited, which runs retreats and bootcamps focused on health and fine fettle.

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The unshaken employs personal trainers, nutritionists, chefs and a life drill to provide seven-day bootcamps in a number of unusual locations, including Parknasilla Resort in Co Kerry and the Temple Lodge and Spa Kathryn Thomas No Frontiers Bikini Photos Co Westmeath. Presenter Kathryn Thomas reveals most joyful moment of her TV career.

Kathryn Thomas No Frontiers Bikini Photos
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31 Jan Kathryn Thomas says she had to quickly lose her inhibitions on No Frontiers when male colleagues would tuck microphones into. 11 Mar She first appeared on our screens on children's TV sports show Rapid before then landing the enviable job of jetting around the world presenting RTE's travel programme No Frontiers. The title was apt as Kathryn seemed to end up anywhere and everywhere. However, away from images of beach loungers. 9 Apr Kathryn runs, lifts weights and does pilates to stay in enviable shape. Operation Transformation presenter Kathryn Thomas talks to Deirdre Reynolds about sleepless nights, spreadsheets and her new fitness bootcamps. . “Would I strut around now in a bikini [like on No Frontiers]? Probably not.

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