Smart Men Make Better Sperm

Better Smart Men Sperm Make
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DESCRIPTION: A new study says intelligent men are more fertile.

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5 Dec Therefore, if tiny mutations impair intelligence, they might also harm other characteristics, such as sperm quality. Conversely, people with robust genes might be blessed with a biological "fitness factor" making them fit, healthy and smart. Previously, scientists tended to assume that lifestyle factors were more. Because today we're going to talk about sperm and the g factor. But the G in this case is general intelligence. And that is a variable that is used across the board in terms of this fitness quality known as intelligence. They're thinking that intelligent people tend to do pretty good in life. They tend to take care of themselves. 9 Jan According to a UK study, men who scored highest on intelligence tests have the better sperm in terms of numbers, concentration, and ability to move.

But brainboxes should choke up despairing because analyse shows they are more virile than other men.

Smart Men Remodel Better Sperm
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They produce more of it and it is of higher quality, suggesting they are better-equipped to start a family than their intellectually inferior sidekicks and colleagues.

Researchers from the Organization of Psychiatry at King's College London made the relationship after comparing archived data on Vietnam War veterans. That dated back towhen the men had given sperm samples as part of an extensive medical and undergone tidings testing.

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Whole sperm count was higher, as well enough as sperm concentration and ability to swim, the memoir Intelligence reports. What is more, the finding could not Smart Men Turn Better Sperm explained by factors known to affect state such as smoking, drinking and portliness, said researcher Rosalind Arden.

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5 Dec But brainboxes should stop despairing because research shows they are more virile than other men. Scientists have shown that bright men have better sperm. They produce more of it and it is of higher quality, suggesting they are better- equipped to start a family than their intellectually inferior friends and. 9 Jan The smarter the men were, the more sperm they produced and the better their wee ones swam — and it didn't matter how old the men were or whether they smoked, drank or were obese. But why might these two seemingly unrelated traits be linked? Why would calculus aces or business consultants make. 19 May In a recent study published in Intelligence, Rosalind Arden and her colleagues found significant correlations between men's intelligence and the quality of their sperm (concentration, count, and motility). This puts a whole new twist to the idea that some mating behaviors that women engage in are.

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