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Buisness women in pantyhose

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We still stand by this advice Buisness women in pantyhose how and when to wear pantyhose for work — links have been updated below. I grew up in Southern California where no one wears pantyhose, ever, and tights only as a fashion statement or on very rare cold days. How about with a suit in the office? Or with a pencil skirt? Are there color rules e.

I grew up in an...

Thanks so much Buisness women in pantyhose any sort of information that could help sort me out. We have talked about this a lot, but I still see a lot of confusion about it.

Wear nude pantyhose when: Another good time to wear nude pantyhose: Wear bare legs when: The most formal look is always going to be nude-for-you pantyhose plus a skirt suit.

Fleece-lined tights do exist. Do not wear dark tights when it is hot outside.

Find the perfect Pantyhose Business...

Back when I started this blog, I always wore off-black hose when interviewing — and I did just fine in terms of callbacks and offers.

Color rules for pantyhose for work: Ladies, would you agree with these guidelines on pantyhose for work? Social media picture credit: For more details see here. Thank you so much for your support! I want to come in fresh, NOT sweaty. He was a doofus. Why would I want that winkie anyway! Thanks, glad someone said it!

Wowie,stop picking on people. And actually contribute something. I, myself appreciated the article. My wardrobe is by and large very neutral and most of my pops of color come in my hosiery Buisness women in pantyhose accessories. They are Buisness women in pantyhose casual than black, though. Basically I never wear them except for a big networking event and sometimes not even then esp if it is hot.


If you are as skeletally white as I am, pantyhose are pretty much a must in skirt situations which I also avoid for other reasons. I mean, white as rice, never will tan, incredibly white.

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But I think that hose are definitely a better look, and would definitely Buisness women in pantyhose them out for interviews or high-level court appearances but they are really hard to find in a good color for me. Why cover your legs if they are pale? Show them off as is.