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Soybean maturity groups

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September 14, - Author: First snow cover on too late maturing soybeans. Producers are looking for ways to improve soybean yields and profitability and many are planting longer maturing soybean varieties as a accede to reach these goals.

The theory behind that strategy is that posterior maturing varieties will be experiencing a longer reproductive space and take full supremacy of the growing mellow. However, planting later maturing varieties carries some peril. The most obvious jeopardy is that the crop could be damaged before frost or freeze events, reducing yield and grade and increasing harvest delays.

Additional risks include a greater potential for delayed wheat planting, early snow cover Photo 1 Corpus juris, harvest losses and ground compaction from harvesting when the soil is too wet Photo 2.

Soybean agronomists recommend planting varieties representing a range of maturity groups that are adapted to a certainty area. Depending on the source, adapted varieties can range from one-half development group e. Planting varieties from a range of maturity groups reduces the risk of yield losses due to pests and environmental stresses occurring as the season.

It besides reduces harvest losses suitable to shattering by preventing all fields from being ready to harvest at the same time. Dope from the Michigan Soybean Performance Reports was euphemistic pre-owned to determine the relationship between soybean maturity and yield in Michigan.

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Whats your view on this situation?? Two years: and 10 southern locations including Columbia, MO. Four maturity groups: III, IV, V, VI. Four varieties within each MG: seven brands. Soybean maturity is classified in different groups (MGs) ranging from for the very early maturing varieties to 9 for the later. Gradations within MGs are also..

The maturity date of soybean Glycine max L. A total of world soybean varieties, including 48 MG checks, were tested at a major site Nanjing, The maturity date of the world soybean varied greatly 75— d in Nanjing. The cluster analysis among MGs and subgroups using genome-wide markers validated the MG sequential emergence order and the subgroup differentiation in eight MGs.

For future evaluation, in addition to one major site Nanjing , one supplementary southern site Nanning and one supplementary northern site Heihe are sufficient. Soybean Glycine max L. Soybean is rich in nutritional value due to its high protein and oil content as well as aspects of its functional composition, such as isoflavones.

Along with its dissemination worldwide, soybean has adapted to diverse ecological conditions, especially to the local day length and temperature conditions created by geographic latitude and altitude.

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Genetic variation of world...

Table 8 Maturity date of extremely early matured varieties in Heihe. Growth period structure differentiation and subgrouping MGs of the world soybean varieties Gai et al. Recommendations for a late soybean harvest. Therefore, the major site for evaluation of the worldwide soybean maturity date was set in Nanjing. Measurements and data analysis The phenological stages of emergence VE , beginning bloom R1 and full maturity R8 were recorded as Fehr and Caviness described. The field tests at the major site of Nanjing and its supplementary site of Jining were conducted in two years.

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Soybean maturity groups
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Farm Basics #1041 How Corn And Soybeans Mature (Air Date 3-18-18)


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More Soybeans

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  • Why planting soybean varieties from a range of adapted maturity groups is recommended.
  • Time of growth stage occurrence and the number of days between stages in soybean development may be affected by maturity group and date of planting. Major study looks at soybean planting dates, maturity groups, economics in Mid- South environment.
  • Soybean maturity is classified in different groups (MGs) ranging from for the very early maturing varieties to 9 for the later. Gradations within MGs are also.

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