Armour Slope On Penetration

Penetration Armour Slope On
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DESCRIPTION: By SlipzMarch 26, in Ground Battles. However WoT is de facto rubbish. War Thunder models armour penetration according to WW2 Ballistics Armor and Gunnery, which is a much more realistic approach.

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R = Tensile strength + (slope of stress-strain curvetS.(3). In this equation, e may be defined as the effective strain. It will be of the order of magnitude of unity, but must, for each type of penetration, be determined empirically. The slope of the stress-strain curves is nearly independent of heat treatment, but increases with. Firstly, a projectile hitting a plate at an angle other than 90Β° has to move through a greater thickness of armour, compared to hitting the same plate at a right-angle. In the latter case only the plate thickness (the normal to the surface of the armour) has to be pierced; increasing the armour slope improves, for a given plate. Detailed calculations of armour penetration vs slope involve quite complex differential equations, and even today the mathematics is somewhat debated over. Variables include: the type and design of ammunition (including materials used), the diameter and mass of the incoming round (e.g. 20mm or mm rounds behave.

  • Firstly, a projectile hitting a plate at an angle other than 90Β° has to move through a greater thickness of armour, compared to hitting the same plate at a right-angle. In the latter case only the plate thickness (the normal to the surface of the armour) has to be pierced; increasing the armour slope improves, for a given plate.
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  • 24 Apr Penetrating sloped armour. The forces F1 and F2 that resist penetration 10 the armour with the coefficient. For example, let's look at a situation where 11 π‘ π‘™π‘œπ‘π‘’ π‘π‘œπ‘’π‘“π‘“π‘–π‘π‘–π‘’π‘›π‘‘90 = { 2,(πœ‘1,75βˆ—0, 12 is absorbed by the soft cap which prevents the projectile from shattering. The armour
  • Here's what I mean. When you look at the information about a shell, you see that penetration decreases when armor is sloped. A shell that normally pens mm.. .

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Please struggle to post at most once per day for any one kind of post. All significance should be obviously relevant to the game of Campaign Thunder and its vehicles.

Armour Slope On Penetration
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When we look at a Panther's armor, it is 80mm with 55 degree. Making it effectively mm of armor. When I look at my M62 shot, it says mm of penetration @10m. But then I see that the M62 shot only does 56mm of pen @ 10m with a 60 degree armor slope. Seeing that the Panther has 55 degrees. 18 Nov A cheaper method, effective against the anti-tank ammunition used during the Second World War, was to slope the armor plate, to decrease the angle of attack. When an When the diameter of the shot is greater than the actual thickness of the armor plate, the risk of a plug-type penetration is increased. Sloped in this case means that the angle in which the projectile hits the surface/ armor plate is taken into account regarding potential penetration. Therefore it is impossible to accurately portray the armor resistance in practical conditions. Hence, you will not see slope values, only rough estimates - and only if.

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