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My name is Bridget, 31 years old from Richmond: I think it will be impossible to get what i want!! grrrrrrrrr!!! lol I love riding whether it be a horse a bike or a man hung like a horse lol. I want it from a man - Sex where he doesn’t try any ridiculous porno moves. Hi boys! i'm a 24 years old cutie with sexy tits and perfect ass. We are what we are and our life is what it is.

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Julie James: And of course, I will open the door in front of her, I will give a hand when leaving the public transport or car.

Jasavak: Untill they enter the pub, ofcourse.

Megan Kemp: Keep on going north! Hahah

Siglam8r: This is dumb.

Chimp Pimp: Apparently I look like Canelo Alvarez :p Thanks for the love everyone!


Borski Spir: No dude I am smoking it

Dave 22: True from my experience.

Hakken NR: The Portugueses are scripted af. We just don't talk like that.

Catia Ribeiro: I went on a date with over 15 of them during my time in Russia they are all different there are even some masculine ones believe it or not

Zeina Ian: I like them all equally.but if I had to choose my favorites.German, Spanish and Arabic.

Stellalpina: Why is it the the thing that stuck out most was the fact that I have the same duvet and bed covers as the couple in the video?

Laura Kaldoja: Eu sou BR e acho o sotaque PT mais sexy hahaha

Jacob Meidl: My feelings: Everyone is dumb. except for me

Alice Wolfess: Do Greek people get offended if i ask them if they worship Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter and Ares? I am just curious please don't get mad at me.

Boogey Man: Australian men I've been told by international women are very kind, to the extent that they don't know if they're being hit on. Australia is very feminized so that's why we don't compliment. I should adopt a more complementary approach. Last girls point is spot on.

RГґmulo Maia: Used to take care of me and my siblings when we got sick.

Yassine Md: I swear I read comments asking for this video just a few hours ago :D

Theresa Hope: No Irish or Welsh? :(

Dylan Carey: That girl is so beautiful

Wh2mbarz: Aylmer ! ;).

Cotadais: So I'm not as much of a typical german woman as I though I was ^^

Maria Gracia: For example: If you do not like his shirt, or care about his super-mega-important event he wants to drag you to: just tell him exactly that! He will accept your wish without questioning or feeling hurt/offended.

Trist G: And their moms will feed you because you are too skinny.

Mohamad Saleh: It took about 10 dates until I kissed my now boyfriend lol

Gabriela I.: But please stop with the accordion music. Seriously, stop.

Elena Diamond: It depends on the exact person, not on nation. I'm from Russia and can say that this video is really ridiculous.

Robert Lee: Bull shit. Canadian men are just like American men.

Haylennis: Cosmin de la Romercial are muschi?

Andres Ortiz: Unfortunately for women, after hitting 30 and beyond THEY become the proverbial McDonald's, as men choose girls in their 20s, young and joyful.

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