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Mario and luigi kissing peach

Nude gallery Mario and luigi kissing peach.

For over 30 yearsthere has been no greater love Mario and luigi kissing peach in the video game universe then that of Super Mario and Princess Peach Toadstool. From 's Super Mario Bros. Or so we think. The truth is, we know very little about Mario and Peach's actual relationship.

All we've seen is an endless string of dramatic rescues, followed by some combination of cake and nose-kissing. What's more, when you think about it, any hints about what might possibly be going in between the plumber's adventures makes their relationship seem downright odd.

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Here are some strange things about Mario and Peach Meach? Let's just come right out and say it: Instead, it might be the sad case of a guy risking his life for a woman for over 30 years, trying to win her heart Mario and luigi kissing peach heroic deeds but being completely unable to wrap it around his head he has absolutely no chance with her. We've never gotten any indication Peach sees Mario as Mr. Right Now, or literally anything besides a particularly brave friend.

He saves her, she thanks him, and her life goes on. Mario, meanwhile, may be banking on each rescue being the one that convinces Peach he's the one for her. If so, perhaps Toadsworth should knock some sense into the guy, and teach him that's not how you win a woman.

For one thing, you don't "win" a woman, period. Just because he keeps saving her from evil dragons and turtles, doesn't mean she's under any obligation to throw herself at him, or even take him to the movies. Mario, however, doesn't seem to understand that.

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He seems to insist each successful rescue put him one step closer to putting a ring on it, but Peach doesn't seem to care much at all.

She's Mario and luigi kissing peach with rewarding him with a kiss on the nose, and perhaps the big Mario and luigi kissing peach of cake, but the heart wants what it wants.

And it might just be that her heart doesn't want short, fat plumbers. When you're in a committed, exclusive relationship, you typically reserve kisses for your lover. That doesn't appear to be the case with Peach, since not only does she kiss men other than Mario, she regularly kisses his brother. That's just plain weird. As you can see in this compilationPeach is almost as likely to lay Mario and luigi kissing peach on Luigi as she is on Mario. True, most Mario games simply provide the same ending whether you're Mario or Luigi, but no one at Nintendo thought that strange?

Not once in 30 years did anybody bother to give Luigi his own ending, where he's rewarded with money, or ravioli, or a platonic hug?

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As it stands, Peach gives off the Mario and luigi kissing peach that she's got a thing going on with both brothers. Even in Mario-free games like Super Luigi UBig Green rescues Peach, she kisses him, he cheers, and we're apparently not supposed to think twice about it. To make the whole thing even more ridiculous, games like Mario and Luigi: Paper Jamwhere both brothers play separate roles at the same time, show Peach kissing both in the same room, each fully aware of the other getting some Peach-flavored sugar.

Neither one objects, so perhaps Mario and Peach aren't as monogamous as you might assume. That's certainly their choice, but to include a sibling in the relationship is simply too close to Jerry Springer for comfort.

Princess Peach isn't a delicate flowerbut rather a powerful wizard who can cause untold destruction.

Even in Mario-free games like...

You can count on Mario and luigi kissing peach hand, however, the times she fights alongside her equally powerful betrothed, Mario, which doesn't say great things about their chemistry as a couple.

From the start, Peach has been low-key powerful. The manual for 's Super Mario Bros. Bowser keeps her locked up so she can't. Despite that, it's decades before we see Peach do anything beyond stand there, look pretty, and get Mario and luigi kissing peach. Super Mario 2 doesn't count, being Mario's dream. While her abilities are mainly of the white magic, healing variety, she does possess a " psych bomb ," harming everyone around her with a gigantic explosion.

For Super Mario Odyssey on...

Later, in Super Princess Peachshe saves Mario and Luigi from Bowser by magically using her emotions to destroy all in her path. If she's mad, she becomes an invincible ball of fire that can cause earthquakes.

If she's sad, her tears flood the world and straight-up drown her enemies.

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Even when she's joyful she becomes an active tornado and can send the baddies flying to their doom. Mario's seen Peach's powers — he's not ignorant. Yet they rarely work Mario and luigi kissing peach, even though they'd absolutely be the most unstoppable of forces. It makes you wonder if, for one reason or another, they simply don't want to. Any relationship would be affected by news that one partner made a child with somebody else. So how awkward must it be for Mario knowing that Princess Peach not only might have mothered a child, but possibly did so with Bowser?

By that he means the princess, whom he calls "Mama Peach. Did she suffer memory loss in the delivery room? Is she simply playing dumb because Mario's there, mouth agape, probably pondering exactly who this princess he keeps rescuing really is.

A later scene has Bowser Jr. Peach didn't mother Junior, but based on her reaction, clearly something happened during at least one kidnapping.

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Did she get pregnant? Mario and luigi kissing peach may be another mini-Bowser out there, whom Peach actually did birth. And if we ever see that child, expect Mario to finally throw up his hands and find another kingdom to save. For most of his career, fans have largely Mario and luigi kissing peach Mario's a human, albeit a cartoonish one. But then Super Mario Odyssey came out, which featured a world full of anatomically correct humans who didn't look a thing like the plumber.

That's because the plumber isn't fully human after all, and neither is his girlfriend. The question about Mario's species was actually answered years ago in an official Nintendo guide to the characters. The guide unveils Mario's species name, but it's not homo sapien as you might expect.

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Rather, he's a homo nintendonusa branch Mario and luigi kissing peach humanity so obscure archaeologists have yet to uncover any fossilized records. Simply put, Mario is more humanoid than human. She looks fully human, but looks can be deceiving.

We've never seen Peach's mom, but it's safe to assume she too was a Toad. Meanwhile, the few glimpses we've gotten of the Mushroom King, Peach's father, show he's a human. This means that, despite scientific impossibility, a male human and a female toad spent the night together and produced a Peach, one whose Toad genes are clearly recessive. It's certainly possible for an Mario and luigi kissing peach romance to work, but you have to assume they take a lot more effort than a traditional relationship.

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